HD PS3 Splatterhouse Review -- Review Zone HD05:52

HD PS3 Splatterhouse Review -- Review Zone HD

Splatterhouse Video Review02:42

Splatterhouse Video Review

to quote rick "Yeah? Well, fuck you"

Splatterhouse Review08:53

Splatterhouse Review

ok this one pretty fair

SplatterHouse - Review07:42

SplatterHouse - Review

Splatterhouse (2010) Review03:50

Splatterhouse (2010) Review

Here are some reviews of splatterhouse 2010. Since we are fair here at the splatterhouse wiki, these reviews give average/mixed scores of Splatterhouse.

Also worth pointing out is the fact that mainstream reviewers got an early beta build of the game which lead to most negative reviews that had nothing to do with the final product.

However, there are some horror websites that gave the game positive reviews:

  • Fangoria: 3 1/2 skulls out of 4
  • Bloody Disgusting: "I absolutely recommend this game."
  • Dread Central: 4.5/5, stating it "is most likely going to be considered the premiere horror game of 2010."
  • FEARnet: “Splatterhouse is a nostalgic blast.” 
  • Daily Dead: 3.5 out of 5 stars 
  • Rue Morgue Magazine: 4 out of 5 
  • Joblo (Arrow in the Head): 8 out of 10

Splatterhouse (2010) Review by Happy Video Game Nerd22:22

Splatterhouse (2010) Review by Happy Video Game Nerd


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