The Screaming Mimi was a monster introduced in Splatterhouse 2. Basically, they were fast and energetic monsters that often attacked in packs. They also frequently made scream-like sounds, hence the name. There were three kinds of Screaming Mimi; green, purple and pink. Green could be killed with one punch, Purple with two and Pink with three. A similar creature was found in Splatterhouse 3.


Green Mimi: The first kind of Screaming Mimi found. Needs one punch to be killed.

Purple Mimi: Needs two punches to be killed.

Pink Mimi: Needs three punches to be killed.

New Mimi: Found in Splatterhouse 3, these creatures are similar to the Screaming Mimi. A few punches will take them down.


  • The Morlocks from Splatterhouse (2010) act similarly to the Screaming Mimis, and might be a modern version of them.
  • On the cover of Splatterhouse 2, The Mimi resembles The Alien.
  • If these creatures were to drown in the pools of toxic water in the third stage, they will make the "Micheal Jackson Screech", the only other time this happens is when you hit the Kraken in the eyes...