Necrobiology is the fictional science that Dr. Henry West practices. Through Necrobiology, one can do strange things, such as the reanimation dead matter. This means that a corspse can be brought back to life. One of Dr. West's theories is that Necrobiology is not a "new" science, but a much older one. He believes that Necrobiology may have once been known to ancient Europe as Necromancy. Dr. West uses Necrobiology to extend his life far beyond the normal human standard.

During Dr. West's travels across the globe, it's learned that a sort of energy is unleashed when a living creature's life is ended. With Necro Energy, the abilities of Nercobiology are fueled. For example, with the proper equipment and enough energy, interdimensional portals can be created. Necro Energy can be found in blood.

Creatures such as The Corrupted or the Terror Mask can naturally use Necrobiology. For example, the Terror Mask can regrow lost limbs of it's host and transform them into stronger forms.


  • In real-life, Necrobiology is the study of cell death or decomposition.
  • Necrobiology roughly translates as "The study of dead life".

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