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are enemies that appear since Phase 3: In the Shadow of the Abyss. Pretty much, they look like a big mutated rat with tail-like dreads. The Morlock also possess a long nasty claw in the middle of its hands that it uses to rip into downed targets. One favored ability of this enemy is to climb up walls and fly down at targets and rip into their guts.


  • They can be very annoying to players because of their ability to avoid the player's attacks. The best way to counter this is to use the weapon grab attacks or attack them after their dive attacks.
  • Their appearance is similar to the creature Sammael in the 2004 Hellboy movie.
  • The Morlocks could be seen as the modern version of the Screaming Mimi, as they act and appear similarly to each other.
  • Like the Ghasts, they don't seem to have any eyes.
  • The Ghasts and Morlock share the "Pop 'em like a zit" Splatterkill and the animation for ripping off heads and arms. However, they don't share the "I wanna see what's inside" Splatterkill and their combat styles are different.
  • The Morlocks are named after the race of monstrous, industrialized, sunlight fearing creatures in The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells.