Environmental Hazards are anything in the environment that Rick Taylor can use to kill enemies. Some of these hazards could kill Rick as well.


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Rick can throw enemies into large fireplaces in West Mansion. These fireplaces can instantly turn whatever gets inside them into ashes. After an enemy gets turned into ash, two demonic heads breath fire.

Floor SpikesEdit

While in some of West's dungeons, there are floor spikes that are intended to be booby traps for intruders. Rick can throw enemies into these spikes to gets stabbed by them. Rick himself can be hurt by these spikes.

Impalement SpikesEdit

Impalement Spikes are basically large spikes on the wall that Rick can impale enemies onto. Some are low enough that enemies can be knocked onto one by accident, while others are high enough that only careful aiming can ensure impalement. Some of these spikes are on the ground, which means that Rick needs to actully carry them over to the spikes.

Chasms and PitsEdit

In several points of the game, there will be chasms or pits that Rick can throw enemies down. If the player isn't careful, Rick himself could fall down these too.

Large FanEdit

During Phase Three, there's a large spinning fan with blood an gore under it. Rick can throw enemies into the fan to chop them into tiny bits.

"Buttplugs of Death"Edit

A humorous nickname to a special set of impalement spikes shown during Phase Four. They're basically impalement spikes that shaped to resemble a sex toy. After Rick anally impales three enemies, the BoD then lead enemies into a large microwave oven that irradiate enemies until they explode. After that, the Terror Mask remarks "That's the kind of shit that got us an M-Rating."

Microwave OvensEdit

In the Slaughterhouse, large microwave ovens were used to cook meat. However, the radiation these ovens have reached damgerous levels. If any enemy enters the radiation zone, they will immediatly explode into bits of blood and gore. These radiation fileds can also hurt Rick if he gets too close to them.

Meat GrinderEdit

During Phase Three, Rick uses a meat grinder to activate an elevator. While it grinds up corpses, Rick can also throw enemies into the grinder to kill them. The meat grinder is strong enough to kill an Abhore. While killing enemies, it also speeds up how much blood gets pumped into the glass tank.

Grinder PitsEdit

In the Slaughterhouse, there are large pits with spinning blades at the bottem that grind up meat. Rick can throw enemies down these pits to get chopped to bits. Rick can also die if he falls down one.

Ring Toss GameEdit

A special version of the impalement spikes. Basically, it's a larger and deadly version of the classic ring toss game found at carnivals. When Rick throws an enemy on the spikes, a door will open to reveal his prizes. These include a Jenny Picture, a 2x4 and a Baseball Bat along with more enemies being spawned.

Test of StrengthEdit

A special version of impalement spikes. It's an old "strength test" found at carnivals where players use a sledgehammer to hit a level to send a little divet up and hit a bell. However, this version uses spikes as the bell and divet. Rick has to imaple an enemy onto the "divet", hit the lever and kill the enemy with the "bell".

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