During all Splatterhouse games, Rick has to fight against the murderous monsters.

Splatterhouse (1988) and Splatterhouse 2Edit


Rick is capable of basic punches, crouched kicks, jumping punches and jumping kicks.

Armed Edit

If Rick is holding a weapon, Rick's punches are replaced with the weapon being used (ei. Rick shoots the Shotgun). If that object is something small, like a rock, Rick will throw it and leave him unarmed afterwords. Rick can also use these weapons while jumping, and can use kicks. If Rick is hit by an enemy, he will drop the weapon, leaving him unarmed.

Splatterhouse 3Edit

While the combat is similar to the orginal series, some slight chances were made.

The armed and unarmed combat style are basically the same. However, if Rick drops his weapon, it will be taken away. He also can't crouch, which also mean that he can't kick enemies.

Special AttacksEdit

Rick can preform a special spinning kick if he's in his "normal" form. If he's in his Mutant Rick form, the spinning kick attack is replaced with the Chestburster attack. Mutant Rick can also grab an enemy and throw them, or perform a body slam on them.

Splatterhouse (2010)Edit

Being a next-gen beat'em up game, the combat of Splatterhouse (2010) is very different from the combat from the orginal series.

Light AttacksEdit

Rick can preform fast, weaker attacks that cause small amounts of blood to be spilled.

Heavy AttacksEdit

Rick can also preform slow, stronger attacks that cause larger amounts of blood to be spilled. Some weapons have a different way to use the heavy attack, such as heads.


Rick can grab
an enemy, with attacks related to the grab. For example, Rick can spin an enemy around (clearing the area of an other enemies) and slam it into the ground. All weapons have a grab that causes a quick, non-Splatterkill finishing move.


Rick can sprint in a certain direction for a brief momment.


Rick can dodge against some attacks or he can avoid them by dodging.


By combining light attacks, heavy attacks, grabs, sprint and guard/dodges, Rick can preform combo attacks that deal more damage and spill more blood. For example; combine sprint and heavy attacks to cause Rick to preform a charging attack. All weapons have their own type of combos.

Mask Abilities Edit

The Terror Mask allows Rick to use Splatter Siphon, Splatter Slash and Splatter Smash; along with any combos related to those abilities.


Splatterkills are quick time event (QTE) based finishing moves that can earn massive quantities of blood to be spilled.