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An enemy type in the Splatterhouse Series, they are a hanging fetus-looking creatures that use either thier bodies or thier bodily fluids to attack Rick.

Splatterhouse 1:Edit

It is prominent in the early stages of the game and attacks with a vomit projectile. Takes three hits to kill, unless
Meat Puppet
you have a weapon. In SPlatterhouse (1988), they are refered to called "Meat puppets". They do different things depending on the stage:

Stage 1: Serves as a host for the final boreworm, though other than that it's just decoration.

Stage 2: Moves up and down, using it's own body as a weapon.

Stage 3: Attempts to vomit on Rick.

Splatterhouse 2Edit

In stage 3, Rick enters a room filled with Blood Puppets. Rick finds a chainsaw and kills them with it.
Ballon head In the flesh (no pun intended).
The Splatterhouse 2 version of the Blood Puppet attacks through projectile vomit and are able to move up and down and needs two chainsaw attac
Blood Puppet
The Splatterhouse 2 "Blood Puppet"
ks in order to be killed.

They are contolled by Balloonhead, a blob of Flesh with powerful telekentic abilities...


  • The Blood Puppet is known as "Brain Dead" in the Japanese version, this makes sense as their body bares the appearance of a brain.
  • In Splatterhouse (2010), there is a creature similar to the Blood Puppet called a "Spitter".
  • Because one Blood Puppet do BOTH of the possible attacks available to meat puppets, it is possible they are either evolved or advanced versions of the meat puppets. If the former is true, that means that Splatterhouse monsters, while still hellpawn, can actually evovle and adapt to thier environment. This might also be the case for the Dock Zombies, which are green instead of Red.
  • In Spaltterhouse 2, Right before Balloon Head crashes through the wall, four blood puppets will fall and act as if they were being attacked by a chainsaw. Whether is was a technical joke, Balloonhead killing them out of anger, or a simple glitch is unkown.
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